Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Dark Day for America - Time for Conservatives To Roll

By now, most people know that ObamaCare has been upheld as constitutional.  There have been many analyses as to why, but there is nothing that can be done about it at this point.  What remains in our power is who we elect to the White House and Congress.  We need to ensure that Romney is our next President, and he has a Republican led Senate to go along with the Republican House.  Hugh Hewitt has a great link to Act Right that will allow people to donate to the top conservatives across the country running for federal office.  I encourage everyone who reads this to donate.

But this upcoming election is in the short term.  Conservatives need to start thinking in the long term.  Big government liberals have been waging a non-violent civil war (h/t Dennis Prager) for over 50 years.  They seek to indoctrinate our kids that big government is good, and that small government conservatives are evil (among other things).  It is time to realize that this war is going on.  It is time for us to stop hoping that if we just go to work every day, that everything will be ok.  We need to start fighting back.   Not just on the internet, and on talk radio (all valuable).  We need to start getting our kids back.  We need to go into the education system and right the wrongs.  We need to teach, and educate what this country is about.  And we need to start now.   Who is with me?